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Change Your Words Change Your World

Exercise your Mind and Body

By July 17, 2014June 11th, 2019No Comments

Purple FeatherIt is summertime! What a lovely time for engaging in outdoor activities. Now is the time, to meet those exercising goals you have been aiming to get done for months. It is time to get your body toned and moving.

Of course, there are other exercises that you can engage in each and every day. Do not forget about your mind. It is a very important muscle to attend to. It should be stimulated just as much as any other part of your anatomy.

In order to do so, get some exercises rolling. Replace your tread mills, stair climbers and dumbbells with a computer or even good, old fashioned paper and pen (or go one step further with an inked, feathered pen.) Your written words will be the actual exercise.

Now, stop and ponder, for a moment, about what story you have been waiting to tell. Whatever it might be, it is worth telling and sharing. All words are extremely powerful and truly make a difference. You words might inspire someone else.

Make sure you do this every day for at least fifteen minutes or try to aim for a page a day. Believe it or not, by the end of the year, you will have something extraordinary right in front of your very eyes.

So basically, no matter what, be sure to set time aside. Communication is the main key to unlocking your mind and your voice. Never forget that…