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Web Copywriting Tips – Tip #8

By February 3, 2011June 11th, 20192 Comments

Web Copywriting TipsTip 8 – Write Compelling Headlines

Remember, there’s a strong possibility that your online customer already knows what she’s looking for. All she needs you to do is answer the questions she’s holding in her mind. This is why having the ability to see things from your customer’s perspective is vital.

Consider the kind of questions she may need answered – what makes your product or service more exciting/reliable/labour-saving/desirable than the other providers she’s planning to research? How is it going to improve her life or solve a problem? What will she tell her friends? Appeal to her emotions as well as her intellect.

Spend time thinking through this imaginary conversation and your headlines will start to flow. If you can include one of your key phrases, you’ll be keeping your customers and the search engines happy!




  • says:

    Great tips, Thanks so much for sharing!

  • Richard says:

    I genuinely agree with your post. I have been a salesman for over 20 years and it seems that the emotions always creates the closing phase of the sale.

    Price does not always sell the product unless there is a great need from the customer.

    I also like the idea of catchy phrases such as: ‘Surprisingly enough’,’Thats just the tip of the iceberg’,’The bottom line is’, ‘And whats more’.

    Thanks for your post

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