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If there’s one thing Purplefeather has learned over the years it’s about the Power of Words. That’s how Andrea’s mantra, Change Your Words, Change Your World, came about. And now almost 14 million people have heard that message.

With the release of Andrea’s book of the same title, more people are now learning about this powerful message.

Andrea will now be chronicling her journey via social media. You can hear more from Andrea under her new name, Message Mentor, on Twitter and Facebook to follow the story and learn more.




  • Linda Yates says:

    I have just read your book, well read it twice and will read it again again as i have found it a very powerful book that I know will help me look at the world different from now on. I have also found that while writing this commet I am being more careful what I write and making sure my words are positive thankyou.

    • Andrea says:

      Thanks very much for your lovely comments, Linda. So glad you found the book helpful. Would be wonderful if you get a chance to review it on Amazon.

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