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Change Your Words, Change Your World

By February 10, 2012June 11th, 2019No Comments


It has been an incredibly busy year.

The Power of Words video has livened things up here at Purple Feather, and it’s almost time for Andrea’s book on the same topic to hit book stores.

Here’s what the publisher, Hay House, has to say about Change Your Words, Change Your World:

We use words every day to communicate, to express our feelings and thoughts, but we often forget how powerful they can be and how important it is to choose them with care if we wish to attract love, happiness and success.

With honesty and warmth, Andrea Gardner shares her own ups and downs on her journey to changing her words and her world, and provides the inspiration and tools that you need to find your own true purpose and transform your life to match your dreams. From attracting prosperity and improving your relationships, to finding your true purpose and serving the world, Andrea touches on a wide variety of themes, and helps you laugh at your failings with love, and then pick yourself up and carry on to the wonderful life that you truly deserve. This is a light and entertaining read, but it contains a very powerful message that may very well change your world for good.

The official publication date is Monday 2nd April.

You can secure your copy now by pre-ordering on Amazon. Have you ordered yours yet?