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TEDtumblr_lhn3gyYw8x1qbzkjb Ads Worth Spreading is TED’s initiative to recognise and reward innovation, ingenuity and intelligence in adverti
sing – the ads that people want to see, and share with their friends.

The Power of Words was recently nominated for TED’s Ads Worth Sharing initiative.

Focusing on ads that people want to see and share, the initiative allows you to vote for your favourite sharable ads via YouTube. Winners are announced at the TED2012 Conference in Long Beach, California, and are honoured on the YouTube homepage. We’d be honoured if you would help The Power of Words make it there.

To vote for The Power of Words, all you have to do is visit the TED Ads Worth Spreading YouTube page and cast your vote for The Power of Words. You can vote once per day, and it’s easy to share with your social networks using the buttons below the video.

What are you waiting for? Click and cast your vote now!




  • anon says:

    I’m not sure if anyone has brought this to your attention yet, but your story is pretty much taken, frame for frame, from a the same short film. I’m curious as to how this is not so much a homage as it is a rip off being entered for an award?

    • Andrea says:

      Thanks for your comments, Anon. We’ve never hidden the source of the idea for the video, and disclosed this information to TED when they approached us. We’ll just have to wait and see how the votes go…

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