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How often do you use your intuition?

By September 12, 2013June 11th, 2019No Comments


I love my satnav. It’s not even a very fancy one and the navigator’s voice, if I’m honest, drives me up the wall (not literally). But whenever I need to take a trip, I depend entirely on Julia or Sean to get me there. If it broke, I’d be lost (literally this time).

This blind faith in technology has gotten me into hot water waaay too often. Once I ended up in a field full of sheep instead of the promised luxury hotel. The sheep were as surprised as I was. Another time it took me 2 hours to get off the M25 near London because the exit disappeared.

It occurred to me the other day that if my feminine intuition was a satellite navigation device, it would probably only be switched on half the time!

Are you the same?

Do you listen to that gentle inner voice and follow where it leads? Do you know instinctively what’s right for you and choose your own path even if it makes you unpopular? Or are you more likely to bend yourself out of shape just to do what’s expected?

If this sounds all too familiar and you’re ready for a change, you might like to join us. I’ve teamed up with the inimitable Bernie Petrie of Barefoot Ambition to deliver a series of Feminine Intuition workshops across the UK, starting close to home in North Berwick, Scotland.

It’ll be 24 hours of goddess-ness where we laugh and learn together and share our time-tested tips for tuning into your inner wisdom, detoxing your thoughts and loving the skin you’re in 🙂

 Get in quick though. There are only 12 places because it’s a small venue and the tomtoms are already beating (groan)!

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