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Is this the man who makes the most comfortable shoes in the world?

By February 15, 2013June 11th, 2019No Comments


Now we’ve all heard of (and perhaps coveted) a tailored suit. But what about engaging your own personal shoemaker? Enter Alan Raddon, an immensely talented craftsman. Alan is passionate about the design, quality and health benefits of his hand-made Shandals. Individually produced to suit the exact measurements and colour preferences of the client, Shandals provide the ultimate comfort when it comes to footwear – and they look pretty funky too. Alan has gathered cupboards-full of glowing testimonials since he started making Shandals. One happy customer described them as “Truly shoes that make your feet smile”. Another customer’s feet were smiling so much he told Alan, “I only take my Shandals off to go to bed.”

Despite all these accolades, Alan’s website wasn’t performing. The traffic was low and conversions even lower.

Here we had a classic example of the difficulty a craftsman faces in balancing promotion and production. That’s where Purplefeather comes in. However much love and care you put into your craft, your website won’t generate sales unless you optimise your copy for customers and search engines.

With our WordPowered Masterclass, we showed Alan how. We guided him through the secrets of copywriting success, and helped him to delve into the mind of his ideal client. For instance, we looked at what key terms customers would search with if they were looking for comfortable shoes, rather than what Alan would use. At the end of the course, we had taken the pain out of web copywriting for Alan and brainstormed taglines, headlines and copy ideas for Alan to take away.

We can’t wait to see what Alan produces. If his web copy is as intriguing as his shoes, then we’re in for a treat!

If you too are a talented artisan with a great product, but feel like running away and hiding when it comes to marketing yourself online, it’s OK, Purplefeather can help! 

Join our WordPowered Masterclass and we’ll help you tackle your web copy head on. Once you have learned the techniques of writing successful copy and engaging with your audience, we’ll work with you on applying your new skills to your own website.

Email for a course programme and booking details.