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Web Copywriting Tips – Tip #5

By January 26, 2011June 11th, 2019No Comments

Tip 5 – Evoke Passion as well as Intellect

Although people generally use their intellect to rationalise their buying decisions, the final decision to buy is based on their feelings about your product or service. Your web pages therefore need to appeal to both logic and emotion.

For example, rather than making a flat statement about saving time for your customer, speak to them about how this will mean they’ll get to spend more time with the kids.

Apple does this brilliantly. Although you might choose an iPhone because of its technical capabilities, there are plenty of other devices that are technologically equal. The iPhone, however, has been skilfully marketed as a lifestyle choice, so the decision to purchase is more likely to be influenced by your emotions. Eco products are another example, appealing Web Copywriting Tipsto your conscience, and not necessarily your pocket!