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Web Copywriting Tips – Tip #3

By January 20, 2011June 11th, 2019No Comments

Web Copywriting TipsTip 3 – Put yourself in your customers’ shoes

I can’t pile enough stress on the importance of this. If you’re going to write for your customers and persuade them they’ve come to the right place, you’re going to have get inside their heads. Think of the film ‘Being John Malkovich’.

Take some time to really understand what they’re seeking from a website in your sector. Visit a few blogs, ask your friends, read articles. Answer their unspoken questions with your headlines, write instructions as if you’re tackling something for the first time, write in their language.  If you can truly put aside your own personality and step into your customers’ shoes, writing content for them will come naturally and they’re much more likely to follow where you lead them.